Flexible packaging solutions for diet supplements and proteins for athletes are now much more efficient and economical than standard plastic jars. Pouches are more convenient and easy to use both for the manufacturer during the packaging and transport process as well as for the final recipient, eg during training or travel. Our packaging is made of high quality laminates that protect the product against harmful external factors and loss of its properties. We provide sterile packaging, resistant to moisture and UV rays, with strong seals that ensure tightness and durability of the pouch itself. We offer bags for filling very small quantities from about 250-300g up to bigger pouches which we recommend for eg. 2-3-5 kg of product. Optionally, according to the Customer’s request, we manufacture packaging with finger holders or different shape handles for easy carrying. We also suggest several types of closing, including zippers, sliders, easy-tear, velcro, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice of our technicians while choosing the best solution for you.